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We are a husband and wife photo/video team dedicated to capturing best friends in love. We specialize in weddings because nothing brings us more joy than seeing two people come together who make each other (and the world) better!

Bridgette began photographing weddings nearly ten years ago after Peter (her boyfriend at the time) encouraged her to take a leap of faith with her creativity. She quickly found a passion for documenting love stories and never looked back! Fast forward seven years, and Peter discovered a love for storytelling through video and officially joined the team.

We’re Peter & Bridgette

Now every time we capture a couple’s most intimate day, we’re so excited for the opportunity to serve and remind them that their story is beautiful and worthy of being remembered through photos and video. It’s our goal to make every person, from our couple to that very distant relative, feel comfortable and valuable on the day and to be able to relive the experience through timeless images and films.

We can’t wait to meet you and hear your story!

your story is beautiful and worthy of being remembered through photos and video

Their warm, calming presence and utmost professionalism instantly put us at ease throughout the day. They both made such an effort to step out from behind the camera and make connections with us and our wedding party. Really, it just felt like having two extra friends by our side, helping us navigate one of the biggest days of our lives by keeping us calm and in the moment.

derek + melissa

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let's fly!

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Airports hold a special place in our hearts because they not only fuel our excitement for travel, but they allow us to watch and interact with a wide variety of people. While stressful to some, airports mean adventure to us and limitless opportunities to learn something new. Oh, and it never hurts to grab a quick drink before boarding the plane–a personal fave of ours. Somehow, the drinks taste better when sitting in a terminal!

Up, Up, and Away

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let's rock!

From rock bands to classical orchestras, there's nothing like being at a live concert–the raw energy of the crowd, the personal connection you feel with the artist, the unfiltered joy that comes when the band plays your favorite song. It’s one of the things we love most about living in Los Angeles: there’s no shortage of live shows! Concerts are so often a transcendent experience, a journey packed into a couple of hours, that stays with you forever. And we always strive to create a similar feeling for our couples!

I Love Rock n’ Roll

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go green!

House plants bring a vibrant, fresh atmosphere to every space, which is why we love filling our home with them. They bring the outdoors just a little closer and help our house feel alive and brimming with possibilities. There’s a joy that comes from caring for our greenery too, and it makes us thankful to live in a world filled with so much beauty. That’s one of the reasons we appreciate florists so much. They have a special ability to masterfully care for living things and, with their creative eye, craft beautiful arrangements that are just begging to be photographed. 

You Grow Girl

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Chips and salsa always brings us back to those childhood summers where we ran through the sprinklers, stopping by the picnic table every couple of minutes for a bite, until the delicious red sauce ran down our shirts. It’s the best part of our three-hour dinners at our favorite Mexican restaurants as we fill up on the free appetizer and sip on entirely-too-large margaritas. It’s quite simply a symbol of joy for us, and one of our favorite snacks to share with friends and family. Chips and salsa always gets the party started, which is why it’s a staple in our household!


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her story 

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Born and raised in a large family in Los Angeles, I was the self-appointed family documentarian. With a disposable camera in my hand, I captured everything from family vacations to birthday parties to regular old Saturdays. I just loved the idea of freeze-framing moments in time, and a camera allowed me to relive my adventures forever.

An important turning point came when my grandpa gifted me with my very first digital camera. I tore open the wrapping, and there it was, a brand new, shiny Olympus! My love of taking photos only kept growing after that, and that little camera went all over the world with me. Eventually, I saved up enough to buy my own DSLR camera and that big milestone solidified my serious pursuit of photography.

I’ll never forget the moment I got my first camera.

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Then one day, a friend of mine asked me to shoot her wedding! My knee jerk reaction was to turn it down. I was completely terrified of the thought of being responsible for capturing such an important day, but I eventually agreed to do it. I ended up falling in love with wedding photography because I discovered how much joy it can bring to someone else, not just for me. I realized I had found something that gave me purpose and allowed me to be creative, while helping others at the same time.

My grandpa may not have realized it at the time, but that small gift planted a seed in my life that has now become my dream job. I feel so beyond blessed to be invited into people’s lives on their most precious day and share in their joy, and that’s only made better by experiencing this alongside my best friend and husband.

his story 

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I sat transfixed in front of the TV as I watched the two-year-old version of myself walking around in a diaper and playing with a small toy fire truck. That afternoon, my mom had found some old videos in storage, and I immediately found myself reliving those childhood memories for the first time and peeking into the past.

Born a single child to older parents from the Czech Republic, my childhood looked a little different than others. I didn’t have any extended family nearby; all but one of my grandparents had passed away, and I spent a lot of time spelling and pronouncing my consonant-heavy last name to people (Tvrznik). 

My eyes were glued to the screen. 


Because of this disconnect with my culture and family history, old photos were treasures to me, and the stories that wove our legacy together were always so fascinating.

Many years later, watching people come together on their happiest day was so amazing and the thought that I could be there to help them retain those memories blew me away. This realization sparked my interest in learning video. I wanted to capture those same precious moments in moving, living pictures, offering the same memorable experience to couples that I discovered when watching that old home video of myself. The truth is, we’re not just creating beautiful images and videos, we’re helping to safeguard a family’s heritage for many generations to come. This is why we find so much joy in what we do and love continuing to serve others through photography and cinema.

We met during Peter’s senior year in college, while he was working as a music intern at Bridgette’s family church. We really only saw each other on Sundays, but Thanksgiving break one year changed everything. After Peter’s plans to go home for the holidays were ruined, a friend gave him tickets to Disneyland to cheer him up. Bridgette and a group of our mutual friends ended up going, and that’s when we made the first, real connection.

That destined trip to the Magic Kingdom eventually led us to head up a small group at church, which created a bond leading to long, late-night talks about life and impromptu walks in the rain. We quickly discovered that we had a lot of things in common, and that started a deep friendship, which blossomed into romance.

Fast forward seven years, Bridgette was growing her photography business, and Peter slowly began to help her with it, including second shooting on some wedding days.

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Peter found that he loved serving couples too and began to have a growing interest in video and wedding filmmaking. Once we booked our first photo and video wedding, we realized how much we enjoyed working together in this way, fully capturing all aspects of the day. And we’ve never looked back!

Over time, this little team of ours evolved into a powerful partnership that not only allowed our business to flourish, but it really strengthened our personal relationship as well. Two years after officially going into business together, we tied the knot ourselves at a beautiful Italian-style villa. We now have the privilege of serving couples and bringing them joy on one of the most memorable days of their lives. We feel incredibly blessed to work and adventure together, capturing people’s love stories side by side.


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